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Key Facts

Farmers for Free Trade helps farmers and ranchers speak up in support of trade that expands export opportunities and strengthens U.S. agriculture.

U.S. Agriculture

The strongest most productive in the world—exported $129 billion worth products in 2016 has a projected trade surplus of $20 billion in 2017. This nation exports 50% of major commodity crops such as corn, wheat and soybeans; 70% of fruit nuts and 25% of pork.

Financial Health

Agriculture’s financial health is deeply dependent on exports. Exports account for 20% of all farm revenue and exports are increasingly important as farm incomes continue to decline precipitously.

Trade Disputes

U.S. farmers are already seeing market disruptions as a result of trade turmoil. Trade disputes could cost billions of dollars to the already-stressed food and agricultural sector in the U.S.

Consumer Goods

In addition to potential trade disruptions, the price of consumer goods will go up as costs are passed on to the consumer.


Consumers will have alternatives for household basics that are domestically made, but no choice on items like coffee, bananas and other imports that are not grown in the US.

Food Processing

Agricultural and food processing supply chains are now integrated across borders – trade wars could greatly disrupt U.S. agriculture and harm U.S. consumers.

Benefits of Agricultural Trade to the U.S. Economy

For 2015, the US Department of Agriculture estimated that:

  • Every dollar of agricultural exports stimulated another $1.27 in business activity.
  • The $133.1 billion of agricultural exports in calendar year 2015 produced an additional $169.4 billion in economic activity for a total economic output of $302.5 billion.
  • Every $1 billion of U.S. agricultural exports in 2015 supported approximately 8,000 American jobs throughout the economy.
  • Agricultural exports in 2015 supported 1,067,000 full-time civilian jobs, which included 751,000 jobs in the nonfarm sector.

Products at Risk

  • Animal food
  • Grain and oilseed milling products
  • Sugar and confectionery products
  • Fruits and vegetable preserves
  • Specialty foods
  • Dairy products
  • Meat products
  • Bakeries and tortilla products
  • Other foods
  • Beverages

Unprocessed Products

  • Meat animals
  • Dairy products (milk)
  • Poultry and eggs
  • Food grains
  • Feed crops
  • Oil crops
  • Cotton and tobacco
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits and nuts
  • Sweeteners
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