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Press Release

Farmers for Free Trade Statement on Announcement to Hold Off on January 1st Tariff Increases

December 2, 2018

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(CHICAGO, IL) – Farmers for Free Trade Executive Director Angela Hofmann released the following statement today on the announced agreement to hold off on tariff increases on January 1st. Hofmann released the statement from the Illinois Farm Bureau Convention where she is talking to farmers and ranchers about the importance of trade and the impacts they have felt from the ongoing trade war.

“Any signal, even if temporary, that this trade war may de-escalate is welcome news for farmers. While farmers are cautiously optimistic about this development, they are also keenly aware that they are still subject to the existing painful retaliatory tariffs and lost markets that have hurt their recently harvested crops and income.”

“American farmers are results oriented and are hopeful that all parties will quickly resolve the trade war so they can regain markets that are decades in the making.

“In the months ahead, Farmers for Free Trade will continue traveling across the country to hear from farmers and to amplify their voices in Washington, D.C. The voices of American farmers have helped to create the pressure needed for any progress in easing trade tensions. Further progress will continue to require their stories and their advocacy.”


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