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NEW AD: Non-Profit that Provides Babies With ‘A Safe Place to Sleep’ Says Tariffs Put Babies at Risk

January 31, 2019

New Tariffs Hurt the Heartland ad tells the story of how tariffs have caused a Pittsburgh based non-profit called “Cribs for Kids” to reduce the amount of cribs they provide to low-income moms across the country

Cribs for Kids Executive Director Judith Bannon: “We never thought tariffs would affect us, but they do. President Trump says that China is paying these tariffs, but I see the cost on my invoices.”


(Washington, D.C.) – Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, the national grassroots campaign against tariffs, today released a new ad that illustrates the economic and human toll tariffs are taking across America. The spot, which features Judith Bannon, executive director of Cribs for Kids, tells the story of how tariffs are hurting the Pittsburgh-based non-profit’s ability to provide mothers with a safe place for their baby to sleep. The ad will run online in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. starting next week – before and after the State of the Union address – and will run through the Trump administration’s March 1st deadline to negotiate a deal preventing an increase in tariffs to 25 percent. If the administration fails to get a deal, tariffs on the cribs described in the ad will rise to 25 percent. 

“Cribs for Kids makes sure that low income families throughout the country have a safe place for their babies to sleep,” Judith Bannon says in the 30 second spot. “To date, we have given out over 600,000 cribs. As a non-profit, we never thought tariffs would affect us but they do. President Trump says that China is paying these tariffs, but I see the cost on my invoices. A 10 percent increase in the tariff means that 10 percent more babies are at risk. President Trump, stop the trade war now.”

Since there is very little U.S. production of cribs, and no production that can be done at the scale or cost to provide free cribs to hundreds of thousands of mothers, Cribs for Kids must import the cribs they provide. Cribs for Kids then contracts with states, counties, hospitals and non-profits across the country who earmark specific spending levels for the number of cribs they can buy. Because new 10 percent tariffs have made cribs 10 percent more expensive to import, the states Cribs for Kids contracts with have had to purchase 10 percent fewer cribs. As Judith Bannon points out in the ad, this tariff increase has put 10 percent more babies at risk. 

“We’ve seen the pain from tariffs play out in a lot of ways, but this is among the most galling examples of how Americans are the victims of these tariffs,” Tariffs Hurt the Heartland spokesman and former Congressman Charles Boustany said. “Other countries aren’t the ones footing the bill, Americans are. Manufacturers, farmers, retailers, and even non-profits and the vulnerable Americans they serve are the ones being taxed. We encourage the administration to end this pain by negotiating a deal that takes tariff increases off the table for good, ends the threat of new tariffs, and finally brings an end to the crippling tariffs we are facing right now.”

Tariffs Hurt the Heartland is the nationwide, non-partisan campaign opposing tariffs that is supported by more than 200 organizations from every industry. Tariffs Hurt the Heartland has been holding town hall meetings on the tariff impact of tariffs in communities across the country. The campaign is also airing ads across 11 states in the Midwest that describe the impact of tariff increases on consumers and has launched an interactive map tracking the tariff impact on American employers.

To contact Judith Bannon, Executive Director of Cribs for Kids please email: [email protected].

To contact Tariffs Hurt the Heartland contact [email protected].


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